To support the Chair in providing the vision, leadership and business planning to help develop all aspects of the Area, from playing and development to running the administration and fundraising. Ensuring that support for succession planning is in place, for the benefit of all.

Key Tasks of the Role

  1. To understand the responsibilities of the Chair and to perform those
    duties in the absence of the Chair (see Chair Role Description).
  2. To support the Chair and undertake work assigned by the Chair.
  3. To attend all Board Meetings and participate as a vital part of the Board
  4. To chair the Directors meetings in the absence of the Chair.
    Is this Role for you?

Is this Role for you?

If you are aspiring to be a future leader, developing experience in effective management and business administration, strong communication skills, and a diplomatic and discreet manner, you could aim to hold the most prestigious, highly respected and incredibly rewarding position within the Area, fostering your skills by working alongside the Chair and ensuring that the Area reaches its full potential.

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