To provide vision, leadership and strategic planning in all aspects of the Area Officiating in line with the England Hockey guidelines. To oversee Officiating committee to ensure delivery of umpire developer and development pathways to umpires at all levels, with a high level of customer satisfaction. Being an important link between Officiating and the rest of the game.

Key Tasks of the Role

  1. Arrange and lead meetings
    Arrange and chair Officiating meetings, working closely with the committee to prepare the agendas, minutes and reports from these meetings. Ensure the effectiveness of the Officiating committee, reporting to the Board of Directors who receive accurate timely and clear information, including an annual budget. Unbiased view on discussions and casting vote on any unresolved issues.
  2. Implementation and delivery
    Effectively manage and support the officers on the committee to complete their appointed tasks ensuring a consistent delivery of the England Hockey Match Official Club membership package, influencing umpire development across the Area. Ensure the effective use of IT systems to enhance the administration and feedback process. Manage the umpire complaints procedure within the Area on behalf of the England Hockey Match Official Club. Use the latest legislation and England Hockey guidance to ensure health, safety and welfare policies are implemented.
  3. Reporting and representation
    Accountable to the Area Board of Directors and represent the Officiating Committee at Area Management meetings. Ensure the Officiating Committee is represented at any Sub-Area, Area and National meetings, including the Officiating Working Group to input local knowledge into national decision making on officiating pathways and processes.

Is this Role for you?

If you are a strategic leader with excellent communication and facilitation skills, have thorough knowledge of umpiring at grass roots and at neutrally appointed levels, with empathic understanding of the voluntary nature of officiating, you could help shape the future of officiating within the Area, ensuring collaborative working between Area, Sub-Area and its members.

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