To provide leadership to ensure effective management and delivery of all aspects of Area Discipline and undertake tasks assigned by the National Disciplinary Panel (NDP). To support review of disciplinary processes across the sport.


The time commitment will fluctuate as it is demand driven by spontaneously arising reports. Attendance at planned meetings also needs to be factored in. An average 4 hours per week is estimated primarily required during the Hockey season.

The Role

Appointed by and accountable to the Area Board of Directors, the duties and responsibilities ill include the following:
• To undertake the duties of the ADA in line with the England Hockey (EH) Disciplinary Regulations.
• To act as lead to the Area Discipline Panel (ADP) which will consist of a number of appointed Assistant Area Disciplinary Administrators (AADA) from whose number a Deputy ADA can be appointed. As required convene meetings, maintain records, distribute communication and act as an advisor to the ADP.
• As lead of the ADP be a member of the NDP. As a member of the NDP report to and attend NDP meetings to contribute to the review and application of the regulatory process. Support the National Disciplinary Officer in dealing with disciplinary cases assigned to the NDP and other delegated tasks.
• Report to and attend meetings convened by the Area Management Committee.
• Act as secretary to the Area Disciplinary Appeal panel (ADAP), which is the body that considers appeals to penalties and decisions as decided and applied by the Area Discipline Panel. Liaise with the chair of the ADAP as required.
• Receive red card matchday misconduct offence reports as described in the
regulations and allocate members of the ADP to manage each case.
• Receive Disrepute reports as delegated from the EH Head of Governance and allocate members of the ADP to manage each case.
• Ensure that details of all penalties (Disrepute Complaints, Red Cards and Matchday Misconduct Offences) applied under the EH Disciplinary process are recorded and stored on designated systems and Area statistics are maintained.
• Ensure consistency of processes and decisions across the Area in line with national guidance/tariffs.
• Support recruitment to and training of the ADP.
• Promote and advise affiliated bodies and the membership of the Area on discipline matters.

The ADA will:

Be willing to commit to the time required.
• Have a good understanding of the EH Code of Ethics and Behaviour.
• Be honest, consistent and impartial.
• Be able to achieve strict deadlines.
• Demonstrate integrity, good independent judgment and understand requirements for confidentiality.
• Possess developed inter-personal skills with clear and accurate written and verbal communication skills.
• Have a keen eye for detail.
• Be comfortable using technology to email, attend on line meetings and use basic IT tools for sharing files and maintaining records.
• Adhere to EH and Area Privacy notices and Disclosure of Information agreements

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