This is one of the Functions of the new Midlands Area.

It will include all outdoor and indoor adult leagues: Men’s, Women’s and Mixed; as relevant.

This Function includes both the structure and rules of the adult leagues.

Historically the Men’s, Women’s across and within the Midlands have been run separately and have been subject to differing league rules. Mixed league hockey has also been run separately and is predominantly played around Leicestershire & Northamptonshire.

The Midlands Men’s league successfully transitioned to an open league structure from the start of the 2019/20 season. This open league structure is broadly in line with the principles of the adult league structure envisaged in ‘A Structure Fit for the Future’ and as such it is anticipated that the Transition Working Group will not be recommending any major changes to its operation for the 2021/22 season.

In the Region, there are 9 Women’s leagues; the Midlands League and feeding into that 8 County Leagues. The transition to the new Area envisages a blending of all the Women’s Leagues into a single league structure to include all levels. Over the Summer a major consultation of the league administrators and the Clubs has been conducted as to how best to organise Women’s league hockey in accordance with the ‘A Structure Fit for the Future’ principles. This has resulted in a new structure being proposed to all the Clubs, which was voted in favour.

A separate exercise is being carried out to provide consistency across all adult league hockey rules across England. More information on this issue will follow in due course.

The Lead contact for the Transition Working Group for Adult Leagues and Competitions is Nicky Dyke.