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Q What prompted the transition?

R A number of hockey clubs proposed a resolution at the England Hockey AGM back in March 2017. This led to a review of the governance of the sport and the production of “A Structure Fit for the Future” which was published in October 2019. A further resolution was proposed at the England Hockey 2020 AGM (adjourned from March to September 2020) which was passed with 86% in favour. Much more detailed information can be found on the England Hockey website.

Q Is ‘the transition’ something that just the Midlands is doing?

R The Transition applies to the whole of England. There are currently 5 Regions: East, Midlands, North, South and West. In accordance with A Structure Fit for the Future, this will change to 8 new Areas: East, East Pennines, Greater London, Midlands, South Central, South East, West, West Pennines.

Q I cannot see anything about Performance Centres within the new Functions, is this changing?

R There is an England Hockey initiative ‘Talent Development – A New Way Forward‘ which provides information on this. As the transition process continues, the Junior Leagues and Competitions Transition Working Group will be working with the current Performance Group and the sub-Areas to

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