Following the vote at the England Hockey AGM on 15 September 2020 in favour of the Resolution on the ‘A Structure Fit for the Future’, this is the home of the information on the Transition of Midlands Region to Midlands Area.

From Region to Area

There are to be 8 new Areas which will replace the 5 Regions and the Midlands is to be one of these new Areas. While the new Midlands Area is being developed, the Midland Region HA will continue its current roles.

Within each of the new Areas there will be smaller “sub-Areas”. The exact geographic size and shape of the Midlands sub-Areas will be determined during the transition process. In the meantime, the functions to be performed by the Midlands sub-Areas will be carried out by the 8 Midlands County Associations.


The new Structure considers the management and organisation of hockey within 5 Functions, with the aim to produce better and more rationalised provision. The Functions are:

  • Adult Leagues and Competitions
  • Junior Leagues and Competitions
  • Masters
  • Umpiring and Officiating
  • Discipline


This Resolution has given hockey the opportunity to consider the governance of the sport from top to bottom (and from bottom to top). As part of this process, we will be reviewing all aspects of governance and leadership within the Midlands. We will be working with England Hockey and the other 7 new Areas to coordinate on these matters and to share and make use of best practice.

Transition Steering Group

Prior to the AGM Resolution vote, the Directors of MRHA Ltd appointed a small Transition Steering Group to start to consider the requirements within the Midlands of a transition from Region to Area. This Transition Steering Group has made initial steps to set up some Transition Working Groups, and now that there is a mandate for the Transition from the England Hockey membership, work can start in earnest.


The intention continues to be that the vast majority of the transition work will be done such as to take effect for the start of the 2021/22 season. At this stage it is unclear what impact Covid-19 may have on our ability to meet this timeline. However, we will be working on the basis that it is achievable, and will remain in dialogue with England Hockey and the other Areas.

Taking Part

The whole process will rely upon volunteers across the Midlands. If you would like to be involved, more information can be found in the AGM outcomes news on the England Hockey website, where there is a link to an expression of interest form.

Want to Ask a Question?

Here is a link to Questions (FAQs) which have been raised, together with Responses. You can also ask further questions via the comments on that page.