Over the last few months significant work has been undertaken to implement changes to our heritage league structures in line with the England Hockey (EH) Fit for the Future Strategy; this has included merging 9 women’s hockey leagues into one pyramid and changes necessary to the Men’s league to fill gaps caused by club and team changes.  Going forward the Women’s and Men’s Adult Leagues will be operating to the same standard EH League Regulations which means that club and league volunteers will be able to work across both Leagues to make admin more efficient and consistent for all.

There will be more information over the coming weeks, and we will set up a series of Zoom presentations and discussion forums to tell you more about these changes including:

  *   the new volunteer opportunities
  *   the GMS system for fixture generation and match reporting
  *   how the new Regulations will apply to your club and individual teams, depending on what level you play at.

Full details of the Women’s League Structure can be found here

Full details of the Men’s League Structure can be found here

NEW – Fixtures, Results and Tables for the 2021/22 Season information

Area Adult League Regulations can be found here

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