The AGM of Midlands Hockey Ltd is being held by Zoom on 7th July 2021 at 7pm [It will finish in advance of the Euro 2020 semi-final featuring England].

The calling notice was issued to registered contact email addresses of members of Midlands Hockey on 17th June and can be found here.

The Agenda and associated papers are set out below.

  1. Introductions & Chair/President’s Welcome
  2. Minutes of the 2020 AGM
  3. Directors’ Report
  4. Treasurer’s presentation of the written Financial Report and Accounts
  5. The Report of the Independent Scrutineer
  6. The Proposals for Membership Subscription Fees
  7. The Proposals for entry fees for Competition and Leagues
  8. The Election of Postholders – Announcement of the online ballot
  9. Any Other Business (of which due notice of 14 days has been given by written notice of the issue) – None received

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