The result of yesterday evening’s AGM of England Hockey was to vote in favour of the Resolution proposing the changes outlined in the document ‘A Structure Fit for the Future’. In broad terms, this means that the way hockey is organised and managed throughout the country will be re-structured. There will be a move from 5 Regions (and Counties) to 8 new Areas (and their sub-Areas) as well as a more focussed emphasis on functional responsibilities by these new bodies.

When the new, more equally hockey populated Areas, were devised the Midlands was envisaged to remain broadly the same shape and size. As such, Midland Region Hockey Association Ltd, the body currently responsible for the organisation of hockey in the Midlands, has been asked to perform the transition from Midlands Region to Midlands Area.

The EH AGM had to be adjourned in March due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and so the vote could not take place when originally anticipated. However, it was felt prudent that some preparatory work should be undertaken over the course of the Summer. As such, MRHA Ltd set up a Transition Steering Group which has met regularly to consider the issues involved and perform some of the foundation work.

Now that the vote has taken place and the EH membership has voted in favour of these changes, the mandate now exists and the transition work can start in earnest. We will also be adding a new section to this website where the information on the Transition will be shared.

We look forward to working with the Midlands Hockey Community towards the ‘Structure Fit for the Future’.

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