AGM MEETING MINUTES – HELD BY VIDEO CALL Date Wednesday 8th July 2020. 7.00pm Venue N/A
Present (and verified members)

Kerry Luckett (Khalsa Leamington), John Straw (Director), Tim Lorimer (Director), Jeanne Freeman (Director), Claire Wright (MRHA President), Alex Fillmore (Warwick), Andy Barnes (Regional Discipline Administrator), Cellan Griffiths (Director and Secretary), David Griffiths (Director), Andy Dale (England Hockey), Aveline (Derby), Beth Evans (Bridgnorth), Cheryl McCulloch (Midlands Women’s Masters), Chris Davis (Birmingham University), Claire Gribbin (Boots), Claudio (Warwick), Connor Lennon (Bourneville), Daniel McConaghy (Bourneville), Dave Unitt (Bloxwich), Dave Washington (North Stafford), David Eastland (Lichfield), Duncan Hughes (Finchfield, Staffordshire), Emma Chester (Nuneaton), Graham Griffiths (Beeston), Harry Rosenbaum (Birmingham University), Jennifer Woodyard (Phoenix), John Tarrant (Repton), Kate Bailey (Bridgnorth), Lauren Murphy (Stratford), Laurie Alcock (Life Member), Loughborough Students, Lichfield, Lucy Wakefield (Khalsa Leamington), Margaret Thompson (Women’s League), Margaret Gotheridge (Life Member), Martin Gotheridge (Life Member) Martin Hives (Director & Sutton Coldfield), Matt(Old Hales), Mischa (University of Nottingham), Nick Haynes (Men’s League Secretary), Nick Hutchinson (Rugby & East Warwickshire), Colin Clarke (Nottingham Trent), Paul Negus (Atherstone Adders), Peter Matthews (Ludlow), Rich Chambers (Birmingham University), Rich Elms (Loughborough Carillon), S Dearnley (Olton WW), Sarah Wiggin (Bloxwich), Simeon Green (Beeston), Simon Recaldin, Steph Beaumont (Olton WW), Stephen Littlewood (Newark), Steve Chidlow (WWHL and Warwick), Tristan Hardy (Towcester), Warrick (Hampton in Arden), Becky Florida-Hopson (Sutton Coldfield), Charles Nash (Director and Treasurer) and Nicky Dyke (Director).

Present (not verified members)
Alison Moorhouse, Juliet Heyworth, Linds, Simon Recaldin, “Toshiba”.

The meeting opened at 7:00am.

  1. Apologies – Norman Stott, Stephen Miles and Laura Seager
  2. Minutes of the last AGM
    Andy Barnes proposed the minutes as a true record, and they were accepted by the meeting.
  3. Presentation of written financial report and accounts by the Treasurer of the Company[Circulated to the members prior to meeting and will be placed on the website with the minutes.]
  4. Presentation of written report by Secretary [Explanatory note: Minutes of the previous AGM and matters arising will be considered under the Secretary’s report.]


Cellan Griffiths presented his report and provided a brief summary of the upcoming England Hockey AGM Resolution, and how it would affect the Association and Midlands hockey as a whole.

Cheryl McCulloch asked how many clubs would be lost / gained if the proposals are accepted by the membership. Claire Wright responded that, numbers were unknown at this time as the decision is to be made by individual clubs and this has not yet been determined.

5. Presentation of written reports by the Chairpersons or Secretaries of the Committees for the Midland Men’s League and Midland Women’s League.

5.1 Men’s League Report – Nick Haynes; League Secretary

Second season as Open League now finished, if unfortunately, not complete. With the weather having an impact again this year, we lost 34 games, due to waterlogged pitches on 26th October but 80 lost on 30th November with heavy frosts.

As I am sure you are aware, the season was cut short, on the 16th March, with the Government implementing a Lockdown and stopping all sport due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. With a loss of the last two weeks of the season and a few outstanding games, the League Committee decided to finalise League positions using an average per game points total. This formula was also used by another number of Regional Leagues. As it worked out, this calculation only effected a couple of League positions and did not affect any promotion/relegation positions.

End of Season positions

Tier1– MP–

Tier2– WP– EP –

University of Birmingham 2

Cannock 1
Nottingham Trent University 1

Tier 3 – NWP – Buxton 1 SWP – Harborne 3

NEP – Loughborough Students 4 SEP – Market Harborough 1

Congratulations to the University of Birmingham on their promotion to the EHL and being the first 2nd team to benefit from our implementation of an Open League.

Unfortunately, due to not declaring an ineligible player on a team sheet on two occasions, the League Committee decided to relegate Stourport 1s team to Midlands 1 in this season. The League Committee commends the Stourport Committee for reporting his infringement, but it should be a warning to all Clubs that the Rules regarding eligibility of players for a specific team should be understood and if in doubt talk to that teams Divisional Secretary.

As anticipated in the first few years, the new League still threw up a few one-sided games, both at the top and bottom end of the divisions. With a number of teams withdrawing during the season and five applying to join next season, including a welcome to a new club Oswestry, we managed some additional promotions but no additional relegations, unless I received and confirmed a request by a club. I should

point out it is a League policy that clubs will only ever move one Division in either direction. With the changes in numbers there was a need to adjust the lower divisions to maintain the regional structure. As we always strive to have most Divisions containing 12 teams, as we had a total of 353 is has resulted in the need to add an additional Division which we called C3 and aligned to NE3. We always indicated there will be an annual re- distribution to maintain the geographic alignment, so you will find a few teams have moved sideways.

The season has been soured by the occasional social media comments which are not showing hockey in a very good light. Andy Barnes is making some comments in his RDA report.

One major Rule change so next season, in to streamline the Transfer Process and you should now scan and submit transfer forms as well as making direct bank payments. Please check with the Rules and online guidance.

As I write this, although we have published fixtures starting 3rd October, we are still unsure as to when we will be allowed to start playing competitive hockey. Hopefully by the time the Handbook is distributed everything will be clear.

Just one final word about the potential changes to the EH Structure in 2021/22. Although there has not been any EH AGM for any changes to be approved, we believe we are well aligned to any proposal and do not foresee many changes to the Men’s League.

A finally, let us hope you will all be able to play a full programme of League Hockey in the season ahead. Your League Committee will keep you up to date with any proposals and changes.

Report ends.

Simeon Green asked a question to Nick Haynes about Central 3 league and the geographic spread of teams. Nick Haynes explained we do not have enough teams to set up a North East division 5 which is why the leagues are sorted as they are.

5.2 Women’s League Report – Margaret Thompson; Chair

The League season ended with all teams having played 17 of the 18 games. The Committee decided that the League positions should stand. We were unable to hold the Presentation Evening.

The league winners were as follows:-


1. Loughborough Students 2 2. Khalsa
3. Rugby & East Warks

Division 1

1. Leek
2. Olton & West Warks 2 3. Matlock Baileans

46pts 34pts 29pts

34pts 29pts 28pts

Division 2

1. Repton
2. Univ of Nottingham 2 3. Tamworth

Feeder East

1. Loughborough Students 3 2. Nottingham Trent Uni
3. Belper 2

Feeder West

1. Bromsgrove 2. Old Silhillians 3. Harborne

46pts 39pts 39pts

51pts 43pts 38pts

43pts 29pts 28pts

Top Goal Scorers.
1st in league and top in Feeder West – Anna Perrott – Bromsgrove 20

2nd in league and top in Division 2
3rd in league and top of Premier
4th in league and top of Division 1
5th in league and top of Feeder East – Alice Woollatt – Nottingham Trent Uni 14

– Alex Went – Uni of Nottingham 2 19 – Dani Black – Khalsa 17
– Holly Chapman – Leek 16

No Nonsence Trophy

1 green card – Ashby, Derby, Loughborough Students 4, Newark & Stratford

Administration Trophy (Division 2 and Feeders)

Old Silhillians

Barbara Jones Trophy (Premier and Division 1)

To be confirmed

Loughborough Students 2 is promoted to the National League. Beeston 2 return to Midland Premier next Season.

The Committee met monthly throughout the season and has appreciated the input of the MRHA President Claire Wright, who has kept us up to date with the England Hockey proposals to restructure the leagues. We now hold meetings via Zoom.

5.3 Jeanne Freeman – Schools and Youth Report

It wasn’t until the season was abruptly halted in March that I realised just how much hockey is played in the latter part of the season. So no National Finals for Boys Schools, In2Hockey Schools and Clubs didn’t get beyond county tournaments, Club age groups didn’t get to the final stages, and the Girls higher tiers weren’t concluded. We can only hope that hockey will be allowed in the near future.

This is the first year that Qualifying Tournaments for Schools U18 Girls and U18 Boys have been organised prior to the Midland Finals, ensuring that the 8 strongest teams were there to play for honours. Special ‘thank you’ to Jo Barnes and Jackie Sharp for organising the tournaments at Aldersley. Umpires were provided by the participating schools as MRHUA could not commit due to the league programmes.page5image54263808page5image54268416page5image54271296page5image54279168page5image54278976

No Schools @ Midlands

@ National Finals


No 7 6 6 5

Clubs @ Midlands Repton North Staffs Repton Belper Repton Beeston Beeston Repton

@ National Finals REPTON – GOLD

REPTON – GOLD REPTON – GOLDpage5image54279360page5image54279744page5image54272448page5image54279552page5image54272256

U16 12 Boys U18 12 Boys U16 15 Girls

U18 10 Girls

Repton Bromsgrove Oakham Repton
RGS Worcester Repton

RGS Worcesterpage5image54266880page5image54265344page5image54279936page5image54264768page5image54271680page5image54267264page5image54273792page5image54273408page5image54318528page5image54315072page5image54317952page5image54314880page5image54314496page5image54329088page5image54325632page5image54328512page5image54325440page5image54323904page5image54326400page5image54318144


The GIRLS Midland Finals were held during November, whilst the BOYS were held in early March. Thank you to Mindy Dhanda and Graham Chesterman for all their efforts in co-ordinating and organising the Midland Finals.

GIRLS INVESTEC NATIONAL SCHOOL CHAMPIONSHIPSpage5image54326208page5image54322752page5image54320832page5image54325056


U14 Tier 1 U14 Tier 2 U16 Tier 1 U16 Tier 2

U16 Tier 3 U18 Tier 4

Winners @ Midlands Loughborough High Wellingborough

EH entry EH entry

Abbotsholme, Staffs Rugby School 2nd XI

Runners-up @ Midlands Repton
Wrekin College

Moreton Hall, Shrops K.Edwards Lichfield

@ National Finals

Repton reached semis
Both finished 5th in section REPTON – GOLD Medallists UPPINGHAM – Silver Medallists
Did not qualify for semis
Did not qualify for semis

@ National Finalspage5image54323328page5image54317568page5image54320448page5image54319104page5image54326592page5image54334720page5image54342976page5image54342784page5image54343936page5image54336064page5image54343168page5image54330496page5image54329920page5image54337216page5image54334144page5image54335872page5image54333952page5image54340288page5image54341824page5image54335104page5image54330688page5image54331456page5image54335296page5image54332992page5image54336256page5image54342400page5image54343360page5image54345088

BOYS NOTTS SPORT NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPSpage5image54342592page5image54344512page5image54333760page5image54344704


U14 Tier 1 U14 Tier 2 U16 Tier 1 U16 Tier 2 U16 Tier 3

Winners @ Midlands Repton Nottingham High

Worksop College

Runners-up @ Midlands
Solihull Loughborough GS

Newcastle-under-Lyme GS
King Edwards Stratfordpage5image54345280page5image54345472page5image54334336page5image54340096page5image54344896page5image54343744page5image54290560page5image54289408page5image54290752page5image54284224page5image54291136page5image54284032page5image54291328page5image54280576page5image54280192page5image54280384page5image54280768page5image54281152page5image54281536page5image54281344page5image54280960page5image54281728page5image54281920page5image54282304

U18 Tier 4
The only In2H Midland tournaments to take place before ‘lockdown’ were the U13 age

Loughborough GSpage5image54282112page5image54282496page5image54282688page5image54282880

BOYS – won by Winchester House (Brackley, Northants) , with Oakham as runners-up

GIRLS – won by Bromsgrove School, with runners-up Winchester House

Thank you to Mary Moss for doing all the work for all 6 tournaments – a mammoth task. And a special mention to Dawn Sowter who was willing to take on the organisation and running of the Clubs In2H – but they didn’t happen!

Report Ends

5.4 Andy Barnes – Regional Discipline Administrator presented a comprehensive report.

Jennifer Woodyard (Phoenix Blues) asked: “What is the appropriate penaty (sic) from the club for a player urinating at the side of the pitch?” Andy Barnes responded that the appropriate penalty is two weeks, and that it is incumbent on the clubs to report disrepute offences.

5.5 Tim Lorimer presented the Masters hockey report

The final placings of our representative teams in the Regional tournaments in 2019 are listed below. My thanks to all the age group Managers, Selectors and Captains in arranging trials and organising the teams. Can clubs please let their members know that Midlands runs all age groups and the contact details for each group can be found on the MRHA website should they wish to attend trials.


O35’s Fifth (first year of entry) O40’s Winners
O45’s 4th
O50’s Winners

O55’s Winners

O60’s Runners up O65’s Third
O70’s Fifth


O35s – Did not enter 040s – Runners up.

045s – Winners. 050s – Runners up. 055s – Runners up.

060s – Fifth

Report ends.

Claire Wright thanked all the committees for all their hard work over the season.

  1. Election of DirectorsThe directors all introduced themselves individually.The following directors were re-elected on block by a show of hands by a majority of the members to serve the association for a further year: -John Straw, Tim Lorimer, Jeanne Freeman, Claire Wright, Cellan Griffiths, David Griffiths, Martin Hives, Charles Nash and Nicky Dyke.
  2. Determination of affiliation fees for Clubs to affiliate to the Association.The directors have proposed the affiliation fee will be £0 for next season. This was approved by the meeting on a show of hands by a majority.
  3. Any other business
    None given 14 days prior to the meeting.Nick Hutchinson asked about reviewing voting rights and procedures for future meetings in case there are continuous issues that need voting on. Callan Griffiths advised that he would look into this and contact him separately.A question was asked about updating information in handbooks. Claire Wright advised the meeting that it was her intent to have as much information accessible online as possible.The Directors recommendations for Life Members (Class C members).Jeanne Freeman and Martin Hives were proposed by Claire Wright and were elected as life members by a majority of the meeting on a show of hands.
  4. Claire Wright announced the Laurie Alcock award winners for services to midlands hockey to the following individuals – Barbara Jones, Eileen Edwards, Mary Moss, Liz Metcalf, Barbara Taylor, Sue Myers, Andrew Waters, Chris Ashton and Nikki Collett
  5. Dates for future council meetings –23rd September 2020, 18th November 2020, 13th January 2021, 24th March 2021 and 19th May 2021. The next AGM will take place on the 19th May 2021.

The meeting closed at 8:03pm.

Zoom Chat Transcript:

00:25:27 Andy Barnes – RDA: Cellan do you unmute us when itsour time to report? 00:31:13 Cheryl – Womens Midlands Masters Lead: Should we have video on?page7image54448064


00:41:59 00:44:32

00:47:22 00:55:28

01:00:19 01:01:12




01:06:55 01:22:02

01:30:09 01:30:45 01:30:53 01:31:00

David Griffiths – Director – MRHA: If there are any other apologies please put them in the chat. 🙂
Andy Barnes – RDA: When do we review the minutes of last year
Cheryl – Womens Midlands Masters Lead: With some clubs on the new borders, how many clubs have lost and how many will we gain?

Andy Barnes – RDA: I am happy to propose the minutes as true and correct Simeon Green – Beeston HC:Nick could you explain why we don’t have more than A 5 division downwards drop as you state that central 3 is a NE league so why haven’t we enabled an ne5/se5 or what ever was needed not a central 3. Jeanne Freeman – Director – MRHA: Apologies from Stephen Miles (Performance Jeanne Freeman – Director – MRHA: will you require a Schools & Youth report presentation

Cellan Griffiths – Director – MRHA: Thanks Jeanne – we will be coming on to S&Y
David Griffiths – Director – MRHA: Many thanks Jeanne – If you email the Schools & Youth report to me after the meeting I’ll include it in the minutes too. Jennifer Woodyard, Phoenix Blues LHC: What is the appropriate penalty from the club, for a player urinating at the side of the pitch?

Jennifer Woodyard, Phoenix Blues LHC: Thank you
Nick Hutchinson Rugby & EW / Warks HA: This format for the AGM is excellent for attendance and engagement – the more the merrier. However, with multiple attendees from some clubs and some people representing clubs and other organisations, could I suggest that voting rights are reviewed for the future General Meetings in case there are any contentious resolutions in future years? David Griffiths – Director – MRHA: Great job Cellan and Claire.
Andy Barnes – RDA: Great AGM no red cards given!!
Beth Evans (Bridgnorth HC): great job – great format
David Griffiths – Director – MRHA: Where are the sandwiches?

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