The Annual General Meeting was due to take place in May, but was reconvened as the board was not satisfied that the meeting could be properly conducted safely at that time.

In a first for the Association, the Reconvened Annual General Meeting will take place virtually on Zoom, on 8th July at 7pm. We look forward to having a meeting with all of our clubs, life members and associations after what seems like an age away from hockey!


  • Presentation of written financial report and accounts by the Treasurer of the Company. (Member accounts)
  • Presentation of report by the Secretary.
    • Explanatory note: Minutes of the previous AGM and matters arising will be considered under the Secretary’s report.
  • Presentation of written reports by the Chairpersons or Secretaries of the Committees for the Midland Men’s League and Midland Women’s League.
  • Election of Directors.
  • Determination of affiliation fees for Clubs to affiliate to the Association.
  • Any other business of which due notice of 14 days has been given by written notice of the issue.
  • The Directors recommendations for Life Members (Class C members).

Attending the AGM

As this is a virtual meeting, we’ll need to know who’s attending. Please fill in the form below, and we’ll communicate the Zoom meeting details no less than 24 hours prior to the meeting.

Using Zoom

As the meeting will be conducted virtually by Zoom, the board have taken the following steps to ensure the meeting can be conducted properly.

  • By default, attendees will be muted. This is to avoid background noise from disrupting the meeting. Attendees who wish to speak may do so by using the ‘Raise hand’ feature in Zoom. How to raise hand in Zoom.
  • Members will be able to vote on resolutions by using the ‘Raise Hand’ feature in Zoom. How to raise hand in Zoom.
  • A quorum must be maintained for the duration of the meeting.
  • Attendees will need to set their ‘name’ on Zoom to their name and the organisation they represent, for example, ‘Arthur van Doren – Bloemendaal Hockey Club’


This is a ‘Reconvened AGM’ per Article 33(11) of the Articles of Association of the Midland Region Hockey Association Ltd. The Secretary reserves the right to restrict a member’s attendance if they are not a bona fide member of their organisation or are not a member of the Association. A member has the right to appoint a proxy in accordance with section 324 Companies Act 2006. Any proxy notice must be communicated to the Association by email to [email protected]

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